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is a privately owned dental office dedicated to bringing the practice of dentistry into the twenty first century. We have worked hard to bring years of diverse experience together in order to provide a pleasant, non-threatening environment for our patients. We started it all with a set of simple practice philosophies, which we aspire to every day.

Our practice philosophies are as follows:

are here to the needs of our patients. That is our purpose and we have no other reason for being here.
about people. That is why we are here, and caring for them is our business. Therefore, we acknowledge their care to be our primary concern. We will share with them those things we know to be of value.
our patients as long-term friends and clients rather than as transients. Therefore, we will extend our courtesy and consideration to all our relationships and will expect the same in return.
the basic integrity of all people. Therefore, we enter all relationships with trust.
be judgmental of anyone, nor their values, and will communicate openly and honestly.
that there is risk in all relationships. Therefore, we recognize that the opportunity for failure is always present. Should that occur, we would pride ourselves for not deviating from our values.
that we can best serve others by succeeding ourselves. Therefore, we work to gain education and improvement, and will look for fulfillment within our own lives.
committed to excellence. Therefore, we will do our very best in all things.
are fundamentally oriented to . Therefore, our activities are directed to those things that enhance our patients' entire health, not just their dental health.

In line with our philosophies, we have built a state of the art facility that avoids the claustrophobic feeling of most other dental offices. With 15 foot ceilings and glass and light ceiling enhancements you will never feel boxed in. Our entire facility was designed to be easily wheelchair accessible, and our dental chairs have moveable arms to facilitate movement from a wheelchair to the dental chair and back. Each of our dental chairs has a 15" flat panel monitor that can display anything from intra-oral camera views to DVD movies to help you co-diagnose or see an animation of the procedure you are about to undergo.

With the use of modern materials, and a high flow recirculation system, we strive to never smell like a dental office either! Our sterilization procedures exceed the guidelines set by the CDC and NIH. Our glass walled and clearly marked sterilization center is open to your inspection so you never have to wonder if the instruments we use in your treatment are clean.

These are some of the design features we have incorporated into our office to provide you with a more pleasent experience. Granted, going to the dentist will never be as pleasent as going to a spa, but wouldn't you prefer to be as comfortable as possible?

Some of the procedures that we offer are:

General Dentistry
Periodontal Treatments
Cosmetic Dentistry
At-Home Tooth W hitening 2 week procedure
Power Bleaching 1 hour procedure
Porcelain Veneers
Composite Bonding
Implant Restoration

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