Dr. Shariati was born May 7, 1967 in Tehran, Iran. He emigrated to the US in 1984, and finished high school in Albany, NY in 1985. He then moved to California and attended the University of California at Irvine. He received his BS in Biology with a Cum Laude in 1989. He then moved to northern California to attend the University of California San Francisco, and received his DDS in 1993. He has lived and worked in Northern California since his accreditation by the state board of dental examiners in August of 1993. Dr. Shervin Shariati
He has multiple publications in Journals such as Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, and Proceedings of the Western pharmacological Society. He is also an alumni member of Delta Sigma Delta Professional Fraternity. He enjoys travel, is SCUBA certified, and alternates between skiing in the winter and Rollerblading in the summer. He also enjoys Science Fiction and occasionally bungee jumping. He is fluent in Farsi, English and German.


Evelyn Agredano

Evelyn Agredano was born October 9, 1984 in Redwood City California. She graduated Fremont High School in 2003. She lived in Sunnyvale California for 19 years. Then Moved to North San Jose in 2004. She first started attending Mission College in late October of 2003. From there she transferred To West Valley College and started taking Paralegal classes. She received her Legal Secretarial Certificate in 2004. She is still in College. She is the second of 3 siblings. Evelyn is a Sunday school teacher from kids 2-13 Years old. She is the secretary of the church where she attends. She directs the ladies choir. She is the soloist And vocalist of the Mixed Choir. It is her passion to Sing, cook and teach. She enjoys working here at Future Dental Care And who knows maybe her interest for law may turn in an interest for teeth!!



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